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Ben Godwin grew up in Tampa, Florida. At the age of seven, he was struck by a car while riding a bicycle. Three inches of bone were irreparably dislodged from his leg. Then God granted a miraculous healing—verified by x-rays. Ben began preaching at the age of thirteen and has been involved in full-time ministry since 1987. He served as an evangelist from 1987 until 1994, then entered pastoral work. Presently he is the pastor of the Goodsprings Full Gospel Church, 30 miles west of Birmingham, Alabama.

Ben Godwin was struck by a car at age seven. The collision dislodged three inches of bone from his left leg. Doctors predicted a permanently crippled limb. Then God intervened—the bone was restored by a creative miracle. Ever since, Ben has enjoyed a “miracle walk on a miracle leg serving in a miracle ministry.”

Prayer is the key to the heart of God that unlocks the door to all the resources of heaven. It enables us to tap into a supernatural power source when human effort is insufficient. The simple act of talking to God is our main method of establishing and maintaining a vibrant relationship with our Maker. Prayer is the most important, and probably the most neglected, activity of the Christian and the church. Reignite your passion to pray with this book.

The Bible is a book of redemption. It tells how God took a huge negative (the fall of man) and turned it into a powerful positive (the plan of salvation). The Bible is filled with stories about the redemption of individuals—how God took people’s messed up lives and turned them around. Each chapter is another “file” proving this truth.

If you live in or near Jasper, Alabama (in Walker, Winston, Fayette, or Jefferson Counties) you can view our weekly television program The Word Workshop on Jasper's TV 16-1 or Charter Cable channel 10. It airs on Mondays @ 9 p.m. and Tuesdays @ 12 (noon). You can also watch online via live stream at Our show features Gospel music and Pastor Ben's Sunday sermons. DVDs of each program are available upon request.