The Godwins

Ben and Michelle have been married since 1992.
They work as a team in ministry. Michelle is a preacher's daughter, pianist, organist and singer.
She has taught teen Sunday School classes and worked in youth ministry for over 30 years.
She attended Lee University, taught women's art/Pinterest classes at
Bevill State Community College, speaks and directs art projects
at ladies' conferences and is a devoted wife and mother.

Ben and Michelle have been blessed with three children: Nathan, Emily and Noah.

 Nathan (24) graduated from Lee University with a double major in Theology & History.
He is now enrolled in Lee's Masters program in the School of Religion and serves as a Resident Director. 
He has taken mission trips to Honduras and Suriname, and educational tours of Israel, England, Scotland & Ireland.
He recently married Emma Latham, his high school sweetheart and a graduate of UAB.

Emily (21) graduated from Sumiton Christian High School in 2016. She is now a senior at Lee University,
studying graphic design, photography and business. She has taken a mission trip
to Honduras and an educational tour of England, Scotland and Israel.
She was recently engaged to Donnie Ruth and they plan to wed in December of 2020.

Noah (14) plays drums in church and in his school praise band. He is a 8th grader at Sumiton Christian
School where he plays JV football and basketball. He also plays the bass guitar and is learning the electric guitar.