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The Redemption Files

The Redemption Files

The Bible is a book of redemption. It tells how God took a huge negative (the fall of man) and turned it into a powerful positive (the plan of salvation). The Bible is a collection of stories about the redemption of individuals—how God took people’s messed up lives and turned them around. Each chapter is another “file” proving this truth.

 Some of “the redeemed” who will warm your heart are:
- Job—who found double for all his trouble
- Mary Magdalene—the prostitute turned preacher
- Peter—who discovered failure is not final
- Daniel—the P.O.W. who became president
- Rahab—the harlot turned heroine of faith
- Joseph—a slave who saved the world
- Paul—the murderer who became a minister 

Redemption is God’s specialty and it weaves its way like a scarlet thread through story after story found in His holy book. By the time you fully absorb this concept, you will feel compelled to shout aloud, like Job of old, “I know that my Redeemer lives ….” (Job 19:25)

112 page paperback

The Redemption Files
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